These questions and answers only pertain to New Jersey Titans and Whalers hockey players.

What is Sports Performance Lab?

The Sports Performance Lab (SPL) is a cutting-edge, testing, performance training, recovery, and sports rehabilitation facility dedicated to reducing the risk of injuries and maximizing potential in athletes. SPL’s mission is rooted in the philosophy that every athlete deserves an equal chance at excellence. The Sports Performance Lab team of board-certified doctors licensed physical therapists, strength and conditioning, and performance enhancement specialists leverage sport science technologies, evidence-based methodologies, and artificial intelligence to optimize athletic performance.

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How often can my son/daughter train and do recovery at SPL?

Your Titans contract included a membership with (2) Complete Athlete Assessments, (60) Training Classes, and (30) Recovery Sessions, between either April 1st, 2022 or May 1, 2022 and goes to May 1, 2023. (check your DocuSign contract for exact details)

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How will I be paying for Sports Performance Lab’s services?

By agreeing to your Titans contracts, Sports Performance Lab has and will automatically be charging your card on the 1st of each month.

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Do I have to pay?

SPL is part of the Titans / Whalers programs this year. The hockey agreement you signed included SPL services. We strongly recommend you take advantage of this as our best athletes. If you cannot make it at least twice a week we can do our best to fix your schedule into ours. Even if they can only come in for 30 minutes, we can do a quick session and have them utilize our recovery equipment.

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When will my child be going to Sports Performance Lab’s training sessions and what will they entail?

We have a class schedule that is periodically updated. If we do make a schedule change, we will notify you via email. You can view the current schedule on Mindbody. All of our group training classes are supervised by at least one coach. Classes are 60 minutes long and consist of a dynamic warmup, powerlifting, speed, agility, quickness, and brain and vision training.

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How do I sign my child up for the training classes?

You should have received an email from us with information to sign up for a MindBody account. You can book on the phone or computer through the MB app. It’s preferred that you book in advance so the trainers are aware of your son coming in.If you forget to book and just show up, you must check-in at the front desk prior to beginning the session. (If you have not received this email please call our front desk)

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How do I get access to my child’s assessment results?

After each assessment, our team will send the assessment results to the email on file that you provided to us. If you would like to go over the details of the assessment, you can call our front desk and schedule an appointment with our assessment specialist.

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What if my child gets injured during training or at a game?

Sports Performance Lab has a world-class physical therapy company (Theradynamics) attached to the Middletown Ice Arena facility. In the event that your child is injured, our physical therapist and performance coaches can create a plan for their return to play.

Disclaimer: All services under Theradynamics are not covered under the Titans contract, health insurance is accepted. 

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